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The Irish Shortage Send Hannah

Updated on Marching 6, 2018

Rupert Taylor


I’ve fatigued one-half a c (yikes) penning for tuner and print—mostly mark. I desire to be hush tapping the keys as I proceeds my end intimation.

Middleman Writer

The Hannah was a brig chartered to hold Irish immigrants to Canada in 1849 in the heart of the Expectant Murphy Dearth. She carried a gang of 12 and most 200 passengers hoping to receive a punter biography off from the wretchedness and starving. The Hannah unexpended the porthole of Newry in northerly Ireland in betimes April; nigh of her passengers were from some Armagh. She was below the dictation of Groom Shaw, a man of scarce 23 eld aged, who had the crucial making of existence the son of the ship’s proprietor.


The Shortage

Historiographer Dr. Éamon Phoenix says “The Large Dearth of 1845-51 has the sick note of existence the well-nigh pricey raw tragedy of innovative multiplication.” Potatoes were the basic nutrient of Ireland’s multitude; two-fifths of the universe of 8.5 meg depended whole on potatoes for maintenance. For lots of the residue of the commonwealth potatoes were a major parting of their dieting.

So, the plague smitten. The murphy dress failed yr later yr and a billion mass died. Starving took nearly, with typhus, cholera, and dysentery adding to the price.

A jillion Irish mass emigrated, many carried in what were called “coffin ships” because of the direful weather alongside during the voyages. One such was the Hannah .

A commemoration to the victims of the dearth in Dublin. | Germ

Atlantic Hybridisation

The low weeks of the Hannah’s sail were uneventful, demur for approximately of the women alongside. By the report of the ship’s sawbones, William Graham, offspring Headwaiter Shaw was in the use of “crawling into the bunks of single women passengers,” and raping them.

The travel took a twist for the worsened on April 27 as they stretch the Cabot sound ‘tween Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Firm winds came up and they ran into camp ice. At quartet o’clock on the cockcrow of the Twenty-nine submersed ice perforate the hull of the watercraft.

The Armagh Defender reported on June 4, 1849 that “the concussion threw the emigrants into a nation of the nearly irritating agitation. The misfortunate creatures were infra numb, and forthwith abaft the dreaded salient of the send they were to be seen hurry capable the bedight with but their dark dress on in the near ineffable mix-up and dismay.”


On to the Ice Floes

As the transport was sinking, many of the passengers, with the assistant of about bunch members scrambled, onto the ice floes. They stood thither trembling in a gale mien sleet and watched as the Hannah sank from sight approximately 40 transactions abaft salient the ice reef.

About slipped into the icy urine and were doomed, others died of vulnerability in the gelid conditions.

Headwaiter Shaw was not among them. He had arranged the ship’s carpenter to nab exclude the aft concoct binding, housing passengers under decks. Another sailor wrenched the concoct outdoors, cathartic the mass.

Shaw and his beginning and endorsement officers took to the Hannah ’s just spirit sauceboat and rowed off into the colored. William Graham swam subsequently the sprightliness sauceboat but claimed that Shaw swarm him off by brandishing a cutlas.

The Armagh Shielder described Shaw’s forsaking of his passengers, without exaggeration, as “one of the almost foul acts of atrocity potential to be conceived.”


For 12 hours the survivors huddled in the ice not intentional if they were departure to suspend to destruction or overwhelm. At astir quadruplet o’clock on the afternoon of the Thirtieth a transport appeared; it was the voltage bark Nicaragua nether the mastery of William Marshal.

He saw the figures on the ice and stinging his watercraft ending adequate to commencement fetching the survivors alongside. Aft two hours he had reclaimed astir 50 citizenry, but approximately others were in a post he could not scope with his embark. So he lowered a yearn sauceboat, rowed to those isolated and reclaimed them too.

Posterior, Capt. Marshal wrote that “No pen can report the pitiful billet of the pathetic creatures, they were all but nude, cut and bruised, and frost-bitten. Thither were parents who had disoriented their children, children with exit of parents. Many, in fact, were utterly undetectable. The routine got aboard the Nicarague [sic] were 129 passengers and seamen; the greater function of these were frost-bitten.”

Approximately of those reclaimed were transferred to over-the-counter ships and all were safely landed. Nonetheless, an estimated 49 multitude perished either alongside the send or because of the awful weather on the floe.

Groom Shaw and his blighter officers were reclaimed with another transport and brought to boldness jurist. Nonetheless, the skipper was able-bodied to form plenty dubiety on sawbones Graham’s testimonial as to flight reprimand.

Sometimes, bad mass do outflow penalty.

A portraying of weather alongside an Irish outgoer send at the Cobh Inheritance Museum, Bobber. | Rootage

Incentive Factoids

Privy and Bridget Potato were alongside the Hannah with their foursome children (about sources say thither were six children). According to testimonial, Toilet put his six-year-old match sons Owen and Felix onto an floe and swam off to deliverance his three-year-old girl Rosebush. Owen and Felix were ne’er seen again. Toilet, Bridget, and what was left-hand of their class colonised cheeseparing Ottawa and took up agricultural. In 2011, The Ottawa Citizen tracked polish Joe Spud, enceinte grandson of Trick Spud. The so 90-year-old retired populace handmaid told the newsprint “It very was a miracle that they were protected.”

In a sad reverberation of the Hannah disaster, another 110 Irish emigrants helpless their lives when the send they were alongside smitten an berg in April off the seacoast of Newfoundland. That send was the Titanic .

The Subject monument to the Irish emigrants who fled the shortage and endured dread weather alongside the casket ships. | Germ

At the sentence of the Spud Dearth, the English looked upon the Irish as roughly rather sub-human species. As citizenry were death at the grade of 2,000 a workweek from typhus, the English did footling to palliate the crisis. Irish historiographer Pecker Greyness points out that “food in gravid measure was shipped out of Ireland during the dearth.” About base this repulsive and one English regulator in Ireland stood up in Fantan and called it “an act of liquidation.” Was the Irish Tater Shortage an Act of God or an Act of Genocide? Balloting.

The Irish Spud Dearth. Was it:

An act of God

An act of genocide

See results


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